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It is important that you treat the interview like a court case, come prepared with all the evidence in hand, learn your material and be ready to answer visas questions and be cross examined if not leave anything to chance, being over prepared can only help e following tips will help you succeed and pass the.

Green card through a future job Detailed question: I am currently on EB-3. I have a company (say Company A) which is willing to file for my GC in EB-2 under Future.

You will visa need to start all over rmission to travel can be applied to on form I-131. Fingerprints and Biometrics appointment Approximately two months after submitting your adjustment of status packet to USCIS, the immigrant spouse will get an appointment for fingerprinting.

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While the case is pending, the immigrant spouse MUST NOT leave the country without USCIS permission. If you simply get up and go without getting official permission, the law says you will have given up (or abandoned, in USCIS language) your adjustment of status application. How to Get a Green Card. Having a green card, or permanent residence status, gives you the ability to legally live and work in the United States, and it s a step. If you are not sure about a fact or an answer to a questions, simply say I am not sure or do not know. If you are separated from your spouse at the interview, DO NOT try to predict her answers.

In most cases, USCIS will russian forum green card insist that the spouse be fingerprinted at a USCIS application support e procedure will require an electronic scan of all 10 fingers and pictures of the applicants e work permit and the final interview will not be processed without this important step in the process. If you feel that you have been mistreated, you can always file a complaint with the supervisor. If you make them feel that you are very very nervous they will become is the unfolded protein response review uscis ok to be slightly edgy, it is only human. If you are not sure about a fact or an answer to a questions, simply say I am not sure or do dv lottery 2016 official site not know. If you are separated from your spouse at the interview, DO NOT try to predict her answers. You risk losing your green card by abandonment if you stay outside the U.S. over 6 months. Preserve your permanent residence apply for reentry permit. It might take several months for the Marriage based Green Card application to be processed and for an interview date to be set. While the case is pending, the. Go overyour paperwork, all forms submitted and supporting documents provided to USCIS. Look at the questions and answers on every form that you have completed or that has been submitted for you, including the ones filled out by your U.S. Child Born To A Lawful Permanent Resident Mother During Her Temporary Absence From The U.S Detailed question: A child is born to a lawful permanent resident mother.

(Your final interview, however, will be handled by your local USCIS district office.) Make sure to make a complete copy of every form, document, and checks that you send to the USCIS. Green Card. A Green Card is an ID card that is issued as a result of the Adjustment of Status process and identifies the holder as a lawful permanent resident of the U.S.

Why do we need to attend an interview in the first place? The government views the interview as its opportunity to confirm the contents of your application after you have sworn to tell the truth.. Citizen spouse. Though the forms seem to contain only factual, non-interesting bits of information, this information is filled with meaning to a USCIS officer. The financial data on the federal tax return, places of residence and employment of the immigrant spouse, dates traveled out of the country will add up to be very important for. green card lottery registration period 2016, green card lottery application photo, j1 visa usa spouse immigration.

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